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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 16, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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chester and 54 in leonard town. going to be a nice day today. a mix of sun and clouds. should be a dry day today and a cool day. high temperatures late they are afternoon will stop out in the upper 60s. that's a good 10 degrees or so below normal for this time of the year. cool one this afternoon. the forecast, sunshine. we are expecting dry weather for your dry day. details on the weekend forecast in just a minute. back upstairs to you, tony and allison. tucker, thank you very much. now to the morning's top story. a local campus turned crime scene. >> police say a student stabbed and killed her roommate at bowie state unfortunate. classes are canceled for today. our sherrie li is live. good morning. >> good morning, allison. good morning, tony. when you talk to people here at
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bowie state university, the first words that come out of their mouth when they talk with is shocking. they are still reeling over this student who was stabbed to death today. one person today told me that- i'm sorry. one person told me that everybody is talking about this. this is homecoming weekend. they have canceled classes here today and they're going to hold an event a little bit later on toyed. we are hearing that this may have been a fight over an i pot. police are still trying to could be firm this, but they are still investigating it. the unfortunate here is really just trying to figure out what happened. the call to 9121 came in, a stabbing inside a dorm at bowie university. the victim, 18-year-old dominique frazier, bleeding in the hallway would later die.
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police quickly zeroed in on who did. >> about midnight, the victim who is a suite mate of the victim turned herself to prowrns police. they turned it over to maryland state police who will conduct the investigation. >> reporter: win has overheard the two in a heated argument. >> i heard some screaming down the hallway. i walked count hallway to see what i can help. i see a girl in the hallway with her eyes open and looked like she was kind of open on the throat. the murder cast a pall over the homecoming week. the unfortunate will hold a consolation and reflection on campus at snoop and will cancel classes today. >> today, we want to come together to rally just begin to deal with the situation. it's really a tragic occurrence in our community. >> right after the stabbing, the unfortunate send out a
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series of text messages alerting students to the stabbing asking them to look outs for someone running from the dormand asking them to to evacuate the dorm so police can investigate. they have since returned but police remaifnlt police are still here on the campus, awaiting a search warrant which they will use to go back into the suite to process the scene for evidence. >> the room made had a trouble history and complained to the unfortunate about living together but bowie state officials say, so far, they can't confirm that information. again, police are not giving a motive at this time but there are suggestions and reports on twitter from people who knew the victim and the suspect saying that this was some sort of argument over an ipod. police do confirm that they are looking at that as the number 1 rumor that's out there but they say they are investigating that. we also understand that the
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victim was going to turn 19 this weekend and she had been celebrating her upcoming birthday. the pep rally for bowie state has been canceled. homecoming tomorrow will go on as planned. >> tragic case indeed. thank you. meanwhile, there are two traffic alerts to tell you about this morning. first, a death investigation in arlington. a man in his 20s was found dead on route 50 near pershing drive around 3:00 this morning. right now, the right lane remains blocked on 50 eastbound at pershing drive. now maryland where a car and an 18 wheeler were involved in a reckon route 210 in accokeek. a person in a crown victoria was killed. a american lane was blocked to traffic from north bound 373 to head on northbound 210 police in fairfax county
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have made an arrest in the shocking abduction of a five- year-old. that little girl was taken from the home where her parents slept, grabbed into the woods and allegedly sexually assaulted. police say they have a 16-year- old juvenile suspect. they are not naming the teenager but neighbors say that he was living in the same complex as the five-year-old. the suspect was already under arrest after a bug burglary in the area. royel ali was arrested in georgia. the body of her twins found in the woods. a few days before, that the twins were both arrested for impersonating police officers. police say wasel confessed and implicated his twin in the crime. a d.c. police officer charged with sexually asauling three women is due in court today. larry say is scheduled to
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appear for a status hearing. he approached women on the streets and ordered them to come with him to a secluded location. he would then threaten them with arrest and sexual assault them. he was assigned to the police department's third district. last week's flooding in northern virginia completely destroyed the homes in one community. prince william county allowed the family to stay in a shelter that was sladed to close this evening. but, now, they have an alternative this morning. sarah simmons joins us with more on that. >> the american red cross is offering to put the families up for another week. the red cross and first zion baptist church will let them stay at a shelter. the people living in the holly acres mobile home park was forced out of the homes last week due to the flood. the county has been helping them ever since. but earlier, chairman cory stewart says that families need to make arrangements to find places to live soon.
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he also accused the federal government of not helping his office obtain federal assistance. >> the burden has opinion committeely on the county at this point. we tried to reach out to congressman connolly who has been of be a absolutely no use to us and we have received no funds or help with regard to those families who have been displaced and they frankly didn't know where to go. >> we contacted congressman connolly's office after mr. stewart made those comments to the air. connolly's office sent us this press release from tuesday written after mr. stewart first accused the congressman's office to not help. by law, members of congress cannot ask for fema aid. that has to happen at the state level and no federal aid will come their way until virginia governor bob mcdonnell makes a formal request. that has not happened but the congressman says that his office will support such a request once it is made.
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allison? >> thank you so much, sarah the u.s. senate has approved $7 billion for federal disaster aid but the legislation could hit a wall in the house where it is opposed by republicans. if fema goes broke, the agency would have to suspend aid to the victims of hurricane irene and tropical storm lee. new numbers now from the labor department and they are not good. they show more workers are losing their jobs. the number of people applying for unmany employment benefits jumped to its highest level in three months. weekly applications rose by 100,000. president obama's push for job creation continues. today, he is be at thomas jefferson high school in alexandria where he is sign the american invent act which focuses on patent reform and is meant to speed up the process
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of products in the u.s. becoming a reality rather than being outpaced by the competition. house speaker john boehner speaking about the tax reform. he says if we want to create growth, the private sector is what creates the new jobs. >> the private sector job create tors, they are rattled by what they have seen out from this town over the last few years. my worry is that all the unisn't is turning into -- is turning to fear and that this toxic environment for job creation may be a permanent one. job creators of america are basically on strike. >> the white house says that small bases will benefit from the president's nearly $450 billion plan. more than half the price tag is devoted to tax cuts and tax credit to help encourage businesses to hire. lawmakers on capitol hill
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narrowl avoided a shutdown of the f.a.a. measure this morning. the vote was 92-6 in the senate. the house already passed it earlier this week. we have a really cool story to tell you b fed ex field is going solar. we are not just talking about a few pams here and there. we'll tell you just how much power the stadium can now generate with just the sun. and wisdom martin and ross having a bit of a disagreement. really? they never disagree in that segment, do they? >> we'll be right back after this. it's 9:00 ten now. 
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welcome back. fed ex field has gone solar.
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8000 so par panels have been built in the parking lots. they are now powering the stadium on nongame days -on hanrahan was on hand for the unveiling and has the story. >> guests at fed ex field were asked to don expwhras when they unveil solar man. in the shape of a football player about to throw a pass, the inside of this artwork is designed with solar pams. more solar panel, thousands of them had been built into the roofs of car ports that now cover 841 parking spaces in their fed ex lots. these pams also are turning sun light into direct current electricity, small inverter buildings turned d.c. into alternating current and on nongame days, that electricity is now powering the office air
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conditioning and all the lights at the huge stadium. during the daytime, fed ex field is now solar powered. >> in reality, we are providing now 100% of our electrical power through the system. it's the largest installation in the d.c. metro area ever which is amazing and we are real proud of it. >> when this stadium fills out with fans, the electrical needs will dramatically increase. still, during daytime games, the solar pam also provide about 20% of the demand. why is dan snyder going solar? >> the shift and transformation of the united states and being involved in this is fantastic. there may be another reason. money. the electricity that dan snyder does have to buy off the grid, he gets at a locked in surprise. >> right now, electricity in this country is historically cheap because of the price of natural gas and what this provides them is a fixed price
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of electricity for solar pams for 20 years. >> 10 parking spaces in fed ex field has now beenset aside for electric cars to recharge. redskins fans with electric cars will be invited to charge their vehicles on game days starting in october. john hanrahan, fox a news. >> very cool. 200 more pams will be added on the south side of the stadium. that will generate more power than the stadium needs when those are back on. the excess will go back on the grid and the redskins and the company will split the profit. >> it is off the wall, dave
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ross with martin wisdom. let me ask you, my friend. ask away. >> i know you have the skins 62- 10 before the season. have you changed your mind? >> no. >> why on earth would have -- >> because they put a beatdown on the giants, 28-1 and looked really good in the process. no fluke about this ballgame on sunday. >> is rex gross man still the quarterback? >> he sure is, sexy rexy. >> is mike shanahan still the coach? >> still the head coach, won two intoals in denver. >> that was in the nineties. >> did they start off 4-2 before they benched mcnabb? >> mcnabb? >> did jim zorn -- >> mcnabb is gone, he is still the coach. >> still is. >> i had them at 2-8. i can revamp to 9-7. i'm going to give you a chance. >> 6-8 it is and it is not --
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>> until they win 7, it's still 6-10. >> we have a big game at fed ex field, arizona coming in. who is going to win the game. the arizona cardinals are winning this game. >> you are just lating. is it because of larry fitzgerald? >> it is all of the above. nobody can check larry fitzgerald. that's clear. >> people are playing better. laron landry may be coming back. >> i have not seen him since last year. >> i am taking the washington redskins to go 2 - 0. i told you that they would bet the giants by 14 and they won by 14. this time, it's not even close. they win in a walk. three touchdowns. >> let me ask you a question, did they not start off 2-2? are we running back what you were
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saying a minute ago? >> i'm just saying. >> when will you change your mind on the redskins? >> when they go to the playoffs. i'm not going to be fooled by all this foolishness out at redskins park. >> wisdom martin goes 6-10 sticking with it. i say the redskins will go 92- 7. that's a very nonplayoff performance by you. >> that's another performance of off the wall. >> i'm done with you. i can't believe you said that. >> i'm going to go with the redskins by one touchdown. won't be pretty at times. >> but they will pull up the win? >> yes. >> i love that. >> he has been a huge film star for over 50 years. now, actor mickey rooney is taking a family member to court. why he is suing his stepson coming up next.
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first, though, holly is kung fu fighting [ humming ] >> once you get that song in your head, huh, you can't get it out of your head. >> what if you combine avatar and combine it with cunning few fighting? >> well, you get the kung fu kid. we'll have all this coming up this weekend, all live later. trivia question. i have not heard this in ages. helen reddy. @ñ@÷q
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heading overseas now this morning, a u.s. drone has killed the top al-qaeda leader in pakistan. interpol released a photo of the man al-sharif. he was in charge of the terrorist organization in pakistan. another blow to the network. aruban officials will play the start of gary sjodinsjodin giordano and his travel
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companion, gardner. dwayne buck was on death row for the murder of his girlfriend. his lawyer says that its unfair because of a question asked about race. a psychologist testified that black people were more likely to commit violent crimes. he was found to be praying in his cell when he learned of his reprieve. his attorneys do not want a new trial, just a new sentencing hearing. mickey rooney is filing sued against his stepson, saying that his stepson fooled him into thinking he was close to bankruptcy. and he also claimed that his stepson profited from his access to the money.
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and new healthier happy meal from mcdonald's. and you may have noticed if you have been out. cooler weather is here. what can we expect through this weekend? i don't know what i said. tucker is here with the forecast and to correct any problems that we have here.
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well, we've got record amounts of rain between hurricane irene and tropical storm lee and all of that rain is washing into the chesapeake bay. this week, nasa released before and after pictures now. check them out. very dramatic. on the left of your screen ace an i am pam from august 23rd. on the right september 13th. can you see all the brown, that is dirt and silt and debris and mud that has washed into the bay from upstream. the mud and silt is bad for the
9:30 am
bay which smothers marine life such as oyster and habitat on the bay's floor. there is concern. >> they say six months from the next spring, they'll know how bad it is. here is other news. back in 1972 from tropical storm agnes, it was the beginning of the growing season and now it's the end the growing season so there is hope that the growing was done. >> the image was cool. but we saw jupiter this morning. did you see snit. >> no . >> but tony falau who was coming in said, you have to see this. i am 50 minutes late. he said, you have to stop. >> we both looked. he brought his telescope. you could see jupiter and not the rings but the -- >> the bands. >> the band of jupiter and the or bit moon. incredible.
9:31 am
>> it's right next to the moon just to the left of the moon. he had a pretty good telescope. >> i don't think you can see -- >> you can see jupiter but not the moon. more astronomy coming up. >> this is straightforward. it's going to be kind of cool out later in the day after enjoying overnight lows in the upper 40s. >> i know you did. 54 at regan national. you get the idea. cool start today. it should be dry and generally a good-looking start to the weekend. here is the sentinel satrad. not a lot to show you right there. some of that is going to get in here later today. we'll go with the mix of sun and clouds. we'll watch coastal lows develop. the funnel cloud has settled
9:32 am
just offshore here. now, i don't think it will impact us directly in washington but across the lower eastern shore, possibly some shower activity and even here in washington, we'll get the skillover, some of the cloud cove as it develops along that front. generally just clouds here in the washington area, a sunny day expected saturday and even into sunday. we'll have a mix of sup and clouds but should be dry for the redskins game. check out the temperatures, highs each day, only 71 degrees. mix of sun and clouds, cooler, much cooler than it's been. winds out of the north here at 5 to 10. a few cloud cool overnight. 52 for here in the city. here is the forecast. if you are not done with summertime yet, we're going to warm up. we should be back up to near 80 by the middle of next week. we are not going right into
9:33 am
winter here. it's going to be a nice transition here. >> very good. that's a several week forecast. >> yeah, i do that. not an accurate one. >> that's what we depend on. >> today, mcdonald, micky d's and the greater washington, d.c. area will be the first to start serving a healthier happy meal at their restaurants. we have a meal in studio to take a look at what's different. choice of fat free chocolate milk or 1% milk. thinks good. this is the concern led by the first lady by having better option. >> i like this. this is like a mini pack of french fries, 1.1-ounce of french fries. the happy meal comes with the french fries and the apple slices, both. and you can -- if you decide we don't want any french price --
9:34 am
>> the apple slices used to have caramel or something. now, normal apple slices. >> the funny thing is that i -- and i told the story at our meet but i happened to drive through a mcdonned because i happened to go to a parent- teacher conference. mcdropped is great for that because you zip right in. i was at the mcdonald in the bethesda area. when i got the happy meal, i noticed that this little tiny fry. i was so glad because we all know how delicious their fries are. you are obligated to eat of of them. how can you waste just one fry? with the smaller portion, it's perfect. >> i order the happy meal for myself sometimes. >> the chocolate milk is a 1% or 2%? no fat. we're going to be talk being this, anyway >> yes, because it's in the
9:35 am
news. the chicken mcnugget, the sodium content, have been reduced. >> and they taste the same. they taste the same. i'm happy bit pause, sometimes -- can, we don't advocate to go to mcdonald's every night. >> sometimes, it's convenient and to know it's good and that he have that mind set that they are trying to help, that's kinds of nice >> and the good news for those of you who like to eat the hamburgers, it's still the same. >> washington is one of five markets where they are starting this right now and then it will spread nationwide. >> thank you. thank you for breakfast, too. >> yeah, exactly coming up after the break, it's time to give the answer to the ask allison question. it's a relationship gone wrong question. this happens all the time but there is a little twist on it and i'll weigh in coming up next. here is another look at
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today's trivia question. me, was it me? >> no. who was time magazine's man of the year because at the time, they did not even think of changing it. if you are old, look it up. if you are young, look it up. >> the answer coming up in just a little bit. úhq you disgust me. prove it. enough's enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding, guaranteed.
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la that have earned the keurig brewed seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed. look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality. let's answer this week's ask allison question. this one comes from stacy. the e-mail is a little long so i'm going to get the main point. she told me that they are year old son's father met three years ago and she has a five- year-old that the boyfriend is close to even as to call her
9:40 am
boyfriend dad. she told me that his ex- girlfriend has always been med dling in their affairs and now the boy friend completely turned the son that they share and now she is heart broken and facing the possibility that she will be a single mom. >> my heart it is out to you, stacy. it does with you we have been there with heart break. i have. most of the viewers probably have, too. it is devastating for even the strongest of us. the reality of this situation is that you have too little kids counting on you to be strong. i understand that your little girl was used to having your boyfriend around but again the bottom linhe has no legal obligation to your daughter and no emotional one you will have to answer some cuff questions there will be some tears but he does not have to be around. hopefully your ex will not
9:41 am
desert that little girl but you can't force him to be her father. >> as far as the father goes, he has some financial responsibility. you know that i hope he has to step up without having any in venetian. at the end of the day, sometimes, couples just don't stay together. the ex had you had shot have been interfering from the relationship but she did not drag him away. he knows you are breaking your heart and the little kids'. he is sevennish but don't do the same behavior. need to get your kids first. if you need to cry or be sad, do that alone. don't do that in front of your babies. you just have to carry on and hopefully a better man had carry on. don't waste your time on a man who does not wish to be a good partner or a good father. i know that's hard for you and i feel for you. head to the morning tab for a
9:42 am
link you ask allison. let me know when you get this worked out. >> very good. that's a tough one. that's emotionally tough but he is a jerk. >> well, that wasn't in the script. >> i wrote the script. [ laughter ]. >> now you let it all out. he is a jerk. don't worry about it. >> i think a lot of women do this and i don't know how long that relationship hats been going on. >> three years. >> you want to be careful before you introduce your kids. >> and they were not married. so -- i mean married couples break up, too. you move on. >> that's right. coming up, you heard of and even seen the movie cunningful panda. holly is hanging out with some kung fu kids. she is up next with more. and you have seen him on the big screen and on tv. now, you can catch comedian pauly shore in our area to talk about the show he is doing this weekend. we are back in a moment with
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this sunday, can you seat kung fu kids perform at the bowie performance arts center. >> holly morris is with the group today to get a first look at this unique show. holly, they are adorable. >> they are absolutely adorable. i'm tell you i could take every one of them home with me. not only are they good at what they do but what's so impressive about a program like this is that each of these kids are so disciplined and you will be amazed at how much they listen. that is one of the haul marks of martial arts training is the discipline. >> absolutely. we are talking about self- improvement. the martial arts instill a high level of discipline and teach children a great deal of focus, as you can see, just to perform
9:47 am
some of these stunts and takes in some serious, serious level of focus and concentration. the discipline, you want to instale that. >> when you talk about the show come sunday, i know you can do any kind of as arts demonstration but this, you create add story line. >> definitely. you want to make it more fun and exciting for the children. the energy level is on a different level because they get to be some of the movie characters. actors, they train in as arts just to perform certain roles to kind of give them a chance to be those actors. >> and makes it more fun for the audience, too. >> yes. >> i want to bring in a couple of parent because we talked to children and what they like about it but i think parents like it more. >> christian is mine. >> christian, raise your hand. >> there is behind the door. how long has christian been doing it? >> two years. >> what's the deference you have seen him?
9:48 am
he is more disciplined, he listens, he understands the importance of being a team player, of being a part of a team and making things come together. i think best of the best has been one of the best decision we've of made as far as having our child being a part of a group. to come together to understand to be focused in school is just a great opportunity. >> an opportunity is a good word. i want to get in julia, too, which one is yours in. >> i have ari. >> raise your hand. >> and riley. >> oh, my gosh. we just want to eat him up because he is so cute. >> what has that helped for your kids. >> it helped them with being a soey siev group. being here pest of the best, that's helped them. as a former school teacher, that's wonderful. >> and shane ya and her daughter helped develop the
9:49 am
costume. yes. >> without further ado, let's get another look at the kung fu kids. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i've lost the use of my heart ♪ ♪ but i'm still alive ♪ it's the wild, wild west ♪ i'm doing my best ♪ i'm looking for the line in
9:50 am
my face ♪ ♪ i am looking at the line in the front line of this battle of mine ♪ ♪ but i'm still alive i'm a soldier of love ♪ >> the show will last a couple of hours this sunday. again, it is going on at the bowie performing arts center from 5:00 until 7:00 p.m. now, here is the tip of the day. if you go to, we have a link to the best of the best martial arts center's website. and they have two sponsors that have generously already purchased 100 tickets. so those tickets for you would be free if you go to the website. check it out, e-mail them. they will have the tickets for you at will call. i can tell you that, really, this is an amazing comprehensive project that makes a difference in not only the children's lives but in the
9:51 am
family's lives. they are learning so much and able to do so much as a result of what they learn here. back to you, tony, in the studio. >> very talented kids. our next guest, he has talent, too. our next guest does not need an introduction. pauly shore -- what are you doing? >> i'm trying to do that trick. >> do i have to hold you in some ways? i love you. i love you. >> you are incredible, pauly, a man of many talent, pauly shore is here. >> have you studied? >> no, i like to put all different things in my show. they have the kung fu show, i have the cunning if he sho and i tell the jokes. elvis would do that, too. >> yeah, man, the karate kid, man. >> my dad opened for elvis presley many years ago. >> i read that, in vegas.
9:52 am
>> 84-year-old, still doing standup comedy. ladies and gentlemen. >> is he still dog it? >> yeah, and i'm going to steal from him. no, that's mickey rooney, sorry. >> your dad started the comedy store and your mom tipped it. >> and now i'm running into the ground. just kidding. i love you, i love you. >> you could hot help but go into comedy. could you think of anything else? >> when is about 11-year-old because i didn't know i could do standup. when i was 11-year-old and my mom was downstairs in the living room like parting with richard pryor anrobin williams and all those guys, i told her to shut up because i had school in the among. she laughed and she said, that kid is going to be a comedian, go get a six-pack >> that was a turning point in
9:53 am
your life. >> yes. of all the people that had you a chance to hung around, whether as a kid or when up hunging out at the comedy store and you you a all the acts come through, who was the most fascinating to you? you mentioned prior. >> possibly the same person that people thought was fascinating, richard pryor. he was one of those guys that i was lucky enough to actually see perform. he is one of those guys that would just walk in the room and people -- people like could not believe that he would go on. it's almost like -- it was insane. there was something about him that was just -- i don't know what it was. you can't explain funny. >> he seems to have been the most influential comedian because all kind of people, yourself included and others who are not anything remotely like richard pryor cite him as an influence in terms of what he did and how he did it.
9:54 am
>> it's almost like music. if you look at the rolling stones, led zepellin and beatles, and you have all the new band, that's where it started, started in the 60s and 70s and me and my stuff, remember fast time at ridgemont high. >> yes, where is obama? isn't he supposed to be here had. >> are we in washington >> i'm just happy to be in washington, last time i was in washington was about 11 years ago and i went into the white house and i visited george bush. >> did you really? >> yes, that was before 9/11 so things were a little bit more lean and i got to go in there and got in front of the room where people speak with the blue hiewnd and all that stuff. that was awesome. i love it here.
9:55 am
that's a pretty cool -- that's just a cool-- i mean, that's the world right here, washington. where i'm from in hollywood, this is the entertainment capital and this is the political capital to be here. >> you spend a lot of time in vegas or you have spent a lot of time in vegas. are you working on a new -- the show time airs tonight. >> yeah, i have a show time special which airs tonight called vegas is my oyster. >> i can imagine that. that means a lot of things. >> it has myself on it, andy dick, charlie yi. it's like an old school variety show. it's on tonight. d v r it and come to see me at the draft house. >> you are at the arlington cinema draft house. two shows tonight and two shows tomorrow. you can get a fix of you -- >> i'm going to karate chop
9:56 am
you. >> do not do that. >> i love you. >> i have done nothing to offend or upset you. stay tuned. >> i love you. i love you. i love you. wo, wo. cksi3q
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the answer to today's question is rights now the -- the answer is -- wallace simpson. in 1936, she was the american woman who king edward viii abdicated the throne to marry over the thronee. throne. one of the best love stories of all time. and i love that name. it's strong. >> and it's friday. >> i have so much


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